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UMBC changed my life in more ways than I probably even realize. It was an environment that nourished my creativity and allowed me to discover who I was as a young adult, and who I wanted to become.

I double majored in American Studies (shout-out to Dr. Bryan!) and Media and Communication Studies, and then received my masters in Strategic Communication from American University.

I served as an R.A. for three years (and two summers!) and that's where I met the two women in this photo. We've become inseparable friends since the day we first met at a movie night on the Sherman Scholars floor in Harbor Hall.

I try to visit campus every time I have a chance to (Homecoming, Quadmania) and I couldn't be prouder to call UMBC home. Happy 50th, UMBC. GO BIG DOGS!

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Richard B. '86

Thank you! Great story!

Julia C. '13

Thank you for sharing your story!